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Debs, Mira 2015 “Racial and Economic Diversity at US Public Montessori Schools,” AMS Conference Poster Presentation.  Philadelphia, PA.

Berwick, Carly 2014 “The Elite Private School Model Changing How City Kids Learn,” Next City 11 August.  Read full Next City article here.

Berwick features public Montessori alongside other constructivist public schools as alternatives to the dominant “No Excuses” urban charter school model.

Using Montessori to Combat Bullying – a thesis by Vanessa M. Rigaud, St. John Fisher College

Videos we love of Public Montessori and Racially Diverse Montessorians

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NBA All Star Stephen Curry and his family of Montessori educators share why they love Montessori, courtesy of AMS.



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Oglesbee Montessori Program, Chicago IL, courtesy of the Oglesbee Montessori Foundation





Cornerstone Montesori Parent, Anthony Theba, courtesy of the Montessori Center of Minnesota




Cornerstone Parent, Veronica Cruz, courtesy of the Montessori Center of Minnesota




A Montessori Morning, by Lindsay Palmer, filmed at Dundas Montessori, Ontario, Canada



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Trailer for Building the Pink Tower, a Montessori documentary by Jan Selby and Vina Kay, featuring Cornerstone Public Montessori School in St. Paul, MN.



“Concentration”, made by the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, featuring Annie Fisher Montessori Magnet School, Hartford, CT.  View other excellent NCMPS videos here.



The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector has extensive resources for Public Montessori Schools including a map of public Montessori programs, recent research, an annual report, and advice on how to start your own community Montessori school.  Sign up for their blog and mailing list!

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Have you completed your school’s entry in their All America Census?

Montessori People – excellent profiles of prominent and diverse leaders on the AMS website including Maya Angelou, Marian Wright Edelman, urban sociologist Pedro Noguera and Chef Alice Waters.

Montessori Forward is coordinating early childhood and K-12 policy initiatives for the Montessori community.  Sign up for blog updates and to join their community listserv.

make-it-montessoriMontessori Madmen are creative parents using guerrilla advertising campaigns to raise awareness of Montessori.


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